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Cook Yourself Up With This Exotic Cookbook

An oldie but a goodie is the Alle Belle recipe which dates back to 1700s when it was first served by the Portuguese. The name of the dish literally means Little Belle. This sweet recipe is very much associated with the city of Lisbon.

Alle Belle is an immensely popular Goan dessert. This is a thick, rich coconut and Goan jaggery cake that is normally served with a steaming cup of delicious tea. It can be enjoyed all year round. People in Portugal and other parts of the world love this sweet recipe with its heavenly aroma and rich flavor.

To make this delectable delicacy we need to use some basic ingredients like rice, eggs, corn flour, clarified butter, chicken stock, and salt. Then we need to mix these ingredients together with the help of a mixer. We can start off the recipe by mixing the milk and clarified butter till it forms a paste like consistency. This mixture will then be applied to the base of the chicken curry after which all we need to do is cook the mixture.

After preparing all the ingredients we need to add a cup grated coconut, one tablespoon of salt, two teaspoons of mustard seeds, and half cup of dry coconut milk in a frying pan. Once this mixture comes to a boil, we can switch off the fire. We can allow the mixture to cool down for about twenty minutes. At this point we can place the cooked egg onto one side of the almond pancake and spread a thin layer of almond paste on the other side of the egg.

The next important step in making these goan recipes is to cut the almond into thin slices. These thin slices will then be used to make the center of the cake. In most cases, the cakes are not decorated. However, the makers of the alle belle recipe, usually decorate the cakes with flowers and fruits. Most of the times, this recipe uses sugarcane jaggery.

For the second stage, all we need to do is to take one tablespoon of rice and put it in a bowl. Then we can add a teaspoon of ground sugar, a quarter cup of water, a quarter cup of clarified butter, two cups of low-fat milk, and two teaspoons of ground mustard seeds. Once these ingredients are well mixed, we can start cooking the recipe. For the second stage, all we need to do is to add the rest of the ingredients to the dry batter and mix them well.

In the last stage, all we have to do is to pour the batter into a greased non stick frying pan and cook the mixture on the top of the stove. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, we can finish cooking the recipe by putting a lid on the pan and leaving it for some time. Once done, we can remove the lid and sprinkle some more clarified butter over the pancakes. In case you are serving the goan pancakes with fresh coconut milk, you may also add about two tablespoons of sugar.

Serving this delicious goan pancake recipe with fresh coconut milk is one way of satisfying everyone. If you have tasted other variations of this pancake recipe, you will find that some even add coconut milk and sugar to give the batter a different flavor. This delicious combination of flavors is something that you will surely love every time you taste it. Hence, if you are looking for an easy and simple breakfast that you can make at home, you should try making this one. You will not only satisfy your family but you will also be able to leave behind your taste buds in ecstasy when you take a bite.

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