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Biker Gang Names

There are many reasons to name a biker gang, and these reasons can be derived from a wide variety of sources. These names may be inspired by a favorite book or movie, or by a person in history. It doesn’t have to be a violent, bad name, either. Just make sure to find a name that resonates with your group. If you are unsure of your group’s identity, brainstorm with a few friends and family members. These people will have a good idea of what to call your new organization.

Some biker gang names are non-possessive. For example, the Hells Angels were named after a World War II squadron, and the Flying Tigers were named after a 1930 Howard Hughes film. However, this group is one of the most well-known biker gangs. The Bandidos, by contrast, were not too pleased with the Hells Angels, so the name stuck.

Some of these gang names come from historical sources. A group called the Cossacks is thought to have formed in Texas in the late 1960s, and was named after the ancient Cossacks, which were “warlike” people from southern European Russia during the reign of the Russian Empire. Their riders traded horses for motorcycles about 400 years ago. Using this name is an interesting way to remember the history of biker gangs and their lore.

Biker gang names can be very interesting. A biker gang that has a military heritage can be a great name for a group. The Hells Angels are the most famous, and the most successful of all. A good name can be funny or catchy. But, before you choose a name for your motorcycle club, be sure to check it out for authenticity. It’s not always easy to pick a good name for your group, but these names are a fun way to stand out.

Another great way to choose a biker gang name is to find a name that is related to a military unit. A group’s name can also reflect their mission. For example, the Satan’s Sidekicks was named after a squadron of the Russian army. The group’s name would be similar to the squadron’s. This would be a good idea for your gang if you are thinking of starting a gang.

In addition to identifying with the MC, a biker gang can be named after a variety of other things. A typical motorcycle gang name might be an acronym, or it could be a shortened version of a group’s actual name. For example, the Hells Angels’ founder of the motorcycle club chose a name based on a WWII squadron. The Hells Angels were later known as the Flying Tigers.

Despite the fact that biker gangs have evolved in recent decades, their names tend to be based on a long history of inspiration. For example, the Cossacks Motorcycle Club in Texas was named after a popular World War II squadron. The name also evokes images of horse-riding. Interestingly, the Cossacks MC was named after a fictional group of riders from southern Europe.

Some biker gangs get their names from various sources. For example, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, which is considered an outlaw MC, has a name based on Mexican bandits. Other MCs have been named after various ancient gods. The Cossacks MC, for example, has a nickname for itself: the Iron Order. The name is the same for the other two. Its founder was named after the Greek god Bacchus.

Other biker gangs have their own names. The Cossacks Motorcycle Club in Texas got its name from a WWII squadron. The Cossacks’ name was a popular film from the 1930s. The Bandidos MC had an unsavory reputation. A few of them were deemed too nice by other motorcycle gangs. They had no place in the MC. And the name of the cossacks’ founder was non-committal.

The origins of biker gang names vary widely. The name of a motorcycle gang may refer to an event in history, or it may refer to a myth. For example, the bandidos have a name of the same color as the Cossacks. The bandidos claim that their motorcycle gang is too nice. The Cossacks MC was a renamed organization that reflects the MC’s origins.

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