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Upgrade Audi with better speaker systems

The Audi is one of the best-selling models among German drivers. Most models come with the standard audio system, the standard system is fitted with simple paper speakers in the vehicle doors and over the years will naturally become damaged or scratch when playing louder music.

The year 2021 has led to changes in the automotive industry due to the global corona pandemic and to a shortage of important electronic components in vehicle manufacture. For this reason, fewer new cars could be produced and sold in 2021, so that vehicle owners drive their vehicles longer and thus also replace the standard audio system more often. This means that many vehicle owners have made the right decision and practically got rid of a BOMM.

Where can you find the tips for upgrading better speaker systems in the Audi

The best solution is to contact professionals who are familiar with this matter. In Europe there are exactly these experts who are familiar with the Audi models and give the right instructions, which you can find under Auto-Lautsprecher Einbau Tipps. The list of available vehicle types is constantly being expanded and is explained there down to the last detail. It couldn’t be easier to replace the standard audio system in the Audi yourself.

When is it necessary to replace the speakers

Most of the time, the loudspeakers are noticeable through cracking and distortion, voices are no longer clearly audible and bass only booms and rattles. This is a clear indication that the speakers urgently need to be replaced. Another possibility is that the tweeters give up the ghost because they have been overloaded. In the standard audio, the loudspeaker tweeters are only secured with a simple capacitor as a crossover. This capacitor can burn out and the tweeter then has no function.

What is the cost of changing speakers

The cost of replacing standard speakers in the Audi is of course an important factor. If you need a company to do the installation, the cost of the speakers will add to the cost of the installation. For the installation, the door panel must always be removed with the instructions in the link above you can save this cost. It’s better to buy a higher quality speaker system and do the assembly yourself if you’re handy. The required tool is manageable and available in practically every household.

What can you expect from the new speaker

Depending on the quality of the manufacturer, the playback can easily come close to a premium loudspeaker system in Audi such as BOSE. Loudspeakers on the aftermarket are of high quality if they come from brand manufacturers. They have their own complex crossovers and the magnets and membranes are made of expensive high-quality materials and not just paper like the original speakers in the Audi’s standard audio system are made of.

Fantastic sound and volume with new speakers

The bottom line is clear highs and deep, powerful bass offered by the new speaker system. With loudspeaker systems for 150 euros and more, such a system can easily come close to the performance of BOSE systems. Of course, the decisive factor is professional installation, such as that described under Audi A4 B8 Lautsprecher in den Türen tauschen in the doors. Make 2022 the year in which you too swap the old audio system in the vehicle and sweep the streets with a top music system.

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