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6 Tips For Designing T Boxes For Enhanced Aesthetics

T boxes represent great potential for elevating your brand to the next level.

However, to fully utilize that potential, you need to know about the various ways you can decorate your t boxes.

But before we head into all that, let’s first discuss what is t box?

What Is T Box?

A t-box is packaging that looks like the letter ‘T.’ Its unique shape can help your product stand out and attract potential customers.

As a result, these boxes can be used for packaging all sorts of products like confectionery, cosmetics, snacks, and others.

The design of your t box is vital as it will determine how appealing your product looks on the shelf. If you want to impact prospective customers, you have to create a stand-out t box design.

Here are some quick tips that can help you design an eye-catching t box:

1.) Get Inspired From The Product 

If you’re looking for inspiration, viewing the product and its characteristics is an excellent place to start. That way, you will understand what kind of look the product already has.

For example, if you’re packaging an herbal product, it would be best to go for a rustic design. If your product is edgy and cool, something modern might work better.

2.) Make It Grab Attention 

Make sure that your t box stands out on the shelf so that it’s easily noticeable.

You can do this by using bright colors to create contrast or using an image that would grab attention, like a photo of the product you’re packaging.

3.) Go With The Aesthetic 

Remember that your t box design should not go against the brand aesthetic and image.

So, if your brand has a vintage look, you can go for something simple. However, it should still be eye-catching to grab the customers’ attention.

You can decide to portray a particular theme for your t boxes, or you can do a collage of different images.

4.) Make It Functional 

A successful design must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. So, it has to hold the product firmly in place while also being easy to open.

You can add more functionality by using magnetic closures or tuck-in flaps that can be folded back.

5.) Don’t Over Design It! 

When designing your t boxes, the tendency is to put in too many things. So, make sure that your design does not go overboard with extra elements.

Keep it simple and clean so that your product stands out all the more. Remember, the packaging must complement the product and not the other way around. 

6.) Test It Out! 

Before you reveal your final t box design, please test it out on a sample of customers for their feedback.

You can test out the packaging using various prototypes. Some options help you see the cuts and angles on a simple die-card. 

Furthermore, folding animations show how the t box would look when assembled. These animations are easy to use, and it’s even possible for you to make your custom animations with the help of various online resources.

However, one of the best ways to test out your T boxes is by using physical samples. This option is recommended for clients that want to see a single unit of their bulk order. 

They can place the products inside and test to see if they can easily open and close the t box.


T boxes are one of the most versatile and exciting ways to deliver your product.

They can change the way you look at a simple item like a chocolate bar, or they can make packaging makeup products more fun and exciting. But before you create one, keep in mind these quick tips:

  1. Get Inspired From The Product 
  2. Make It Grab Attention 
  3. Go With The Aesthetic 
  4. Make It Functional 
  5. Don’t Over Design It! 
  6. Test It Out!

Remember these tips and create a stand-out t box design today.

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