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How much does a private jet rental cost?


How much does it cost to book a seat on a private jet?. 1

Can you afford a private jet?. 1

What Factors Influence The Price Of Chartering A Private Jet?. 1

The Hidden Price Of Ownership. 2

Types Of Private Jets. 2

It is more expensive to go for a Private Jet Charter Cost than to fly on a commercial flight. However, chartering a private jet is considerably cheaper than buying your own private jet. Flights on private jets charge hourly. As per Air share (private charter service) reports, the approximate private jet rental cost on an hourly basis starts from $2000 and can go up to $23000. If you go for a private jet rental for a whole weekend, you’ll incur around $100, 000. Going for a private jet rental is better than buying a private jet if you spend around 150 hours flying a year. This will save your yearly maintenance cost that would have cost you have you bought a private jet for yourself. 

Private jet rental helps you save maintenance, hanger cost, depreciation, crew salaries, and insurance. This makes chartering a private jet a more cost-effective option than owning a private jet or aircraft if you make less than a hundred hourly flights each year. 

How much does it cost to book a seat on a private jet?

There are six seats, usually in private jets that give light flight. Many factors decide the cost, like the number of seats present on board, the aircraft’s hourly rate, and the entire flight timing. For instance, a six-seater private jet would cost up to $2500 per seat if it charges $5000 for one hour flight and $15000 for a three-hour flight. 

Can you afford a private jet?

It is important to evaluate several factors before chartering a private jet. Take into account the overall cost of the jet as well cost incurred in storage, fuel, maintenance, and insurance to know that your decision is right. Types of trips you take and the frequency of trips are also important criteria. While chartering an aircraft, it is necessary to see the number of people flying to know the size of jet that you need to take on rent.

What Factors Influence The Price Of Chartering A Private Jet?

The private jet rental cost fluctuates daily because many factors influence the price of the aircraft. The private jet rental cost will be comparatively more if you charter it during busy seasons like summer holidays or vacation months. The cost will be low, especially during nonpeak traveling months/seasons. It is a better option for a private jet rental if you are traveling with many passengers. 

The Hidden Price Of Ownership

Private jet rental is more economical comparatively. The cost of owning a jet will range between $3 million to $900 million. Besides this, you have to pay associated fees like the pilot, crew salaries, etc. If you are wondering whether you are making huge savings by purchasing your own private jet than by taking it on a rental basis, then you need to find whether you are a frequent flyer or not; otherwise, it is always better to go for a private jet rental. 

Types Of Private Jets

There are many options available for private jet rental. For instance, turboprop jets are suitable for short excursions and cost around$2000 each hour. Lighter jets cost you $3000 each hour, which works best for airports not having bigger runways. If you rent a midsize jet with a large capacity, it would cost you approximately $4000 -$5000 each hour. $6000 is the hourly flight rate for heavyweight jets, whereas $8000 is the flight hour rate for flight renting long jets. International jets having long-range and huge capacity may go higher up to $18000-$20000 per fight hour. 

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