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The Roll Agent in Total War

If you’ve been playing the Total War series, you may have noticed that the role of the “Roll Agent” is still the same. In the first game, agents would roll a die to determine their success or failure in a battle. The quality of the randomly generated army depends on how skilled your agent is. This is one of the most important aspects of a total war strategy game. If you’re not familiar with the role of the “롤대리” here are some facts that you should know.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolling an Agent’s Book

In any total war game, the role of an agent has changed little from the first game. You roll a die and, if successful, fight in a special objective-based battle against a randomly-generated army of six to eight units. As an agent, your success or failure depends on how well you can explain the advantages of changing carriers. If you mishandle a roll, you risk losing a client. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of rolling an agent’s book.

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