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The Best Apartments in CDMX

Serviced apartments are a great option for those who need more space and don’t mind paying more per month. They are typically luxurious and have 24-hour receptions and daily housekeeping. In addition, many serviced apartments include underground parking. Here’s how to find the perfect apartment. Read on to learn more. We hope this article has been helpful. If you’re considering moving to Mexico City, it’s worth exploring your options.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment for a family or a luxurious apartment for a long term stay, a 110m2 space is a perfect fit. It’s close to top restaurants, cafes, theaters, supermarkets, and a small park. This property is fully equipped, including a doorman. It also offers inexpensive parking just across the street. No matter where you decide to stay in Mexico City, there’s an apartment out there waiting for you.

Mexico City has a diverse mix of neighborhoods and different price ranges. The best apartments in CDMX are in the Centro Historico, a central area centered around the Zocalo Plaza. You’ll find cultural spectacles, historical riches, and beautiful buildings here. Just be sure to ask the property owner about earthquake-proofing and other safety measures before signing any lease. If you’re unsure about the local safety regulations, check with the municipality to ensure that the building is earthquake-proof.

If you’re in a budget, consider renting an apartment in the hip Roma district. This fashionable neighbourhood is home to many hipsters. The affordable prices of these units make them highly desirable. In addition, you’ll be near the culture and street food of the city. In addition to having a view of the Zocalo Plaza, you’ll be close to many trendy shops, wine bars, and restaurants.

For those looking for cheaper rent in a more tranquil setting, consider Condesa. This neighbourhood offers a variety of affordable, spacious, and stylish apartments within walking distance of shops, hipster beer bars, and parks. Apart from being more affordable, Condesa also offers good transport links. In addition, the area’s cool atmosphere is complemented by wide avenues and tree-lined streets. And you’ll also find plenty of restaurants and trendy cafes nearby.

Renting an apartment in Mexico City is fairly simple. Most contracts are for one year, so make sure to read the lease agreement before signing it. If you don’t like the terms or the contract, move on to another neighborhood. Aside from the price range, luxury apartments have other benefits. Some luxury apartments include doorman services, gyms, yoga studios, pools, and other features. But they are also often expensive, with prices ranging from MXN39,000 to MXN55,000 per month.

Los mejores departamentos en CDMX
¿Estás interesado en adquirir los mejores departamento en CDMX? Si es
así, entonces te interesará saber cómo hacerlo. En esta sección del blog, te
explicaremos todo lo que necesitas saber para adquirir un departamento en
GRUPO FICADE. Sigue leyendo para obtener más información.
Nuestros departamentos de lujo cuentan con cocinas totalmente
equipadas, con electrodomésticos de primer nivel y acabados de lujo.
También ofrecemos servicios de valet parking y concierge, así como una
amplia gama de instalaciones recreativas, como un gimnasio, una piscina y
una terraza lounge.

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