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WiFi Jammer For Sale

If you’re looking for a wifi jammer for sale , there are many options available to you. You can choose from a wall-mounted mobile phone WiFi signal jammer, a high-power desktop wifi cell phone jammer, or even a GPS jammer. If you want to purchase one, Lazada has an extensive selection and offers secure payment options including Gcash, Cash On Delivery, and Installments.

High-power desktop wifi cell phone jammer

This High-power desktop wifi jammer is a portable, high-performance device that can effectively shield WiFi and mobile phone signals. This device has a coverage range of up to 100 square meters and is equipped with a precision voltage stabilizing circuit. Original chips and circuit boards ensure long-lasting performance and efficiency. It has a wide coverage range and is able to jam multiple frequencies at the same time. High-power switch power supply also ensures the stability of the signal.

The proliferation of cell phones has resulted in a number of problems. Leaky cell phones can compromise crucial company information, leading to a major loss for the organization. Meanwhile, ringing mobile phones can disrupt important meetings and lessons. Therefore, a High-Power Jammer is the solution to these issues. This device can also block all mobile signals. It is also useful in areas where cell phone use is prohibited.

Handheld portable cell phone jammer

The hand held portable cell phone jammer for WiFi is a device that will block wireless signals. It has an RF range of about five to ten meters, which makes it ideal for blocking WiFi and mobile signal ranges. The device also has a built-in cooling fan. It can be easily carried around in a bag or pocket and can be bought from Jammer’s store. However, this device does not work on GPS or Wi-Fi networks.

A handheld portable cell phone jammer works by blocking the signals of 3G and 4G mobile phones. It also blocks the signals of bluetooth devices. This portable cell phone jammer is made of high-quality materials that keep it cool. It covers most interface standards and can jam up to 10 meters of signal strength. The jamming distance depends on signal strength, use location, and battery level. The signal ranges it covers are ten to hundred meters, which is just right for blocking the signals of cell phones.

Wall-mounted mobile phone WiFi signal jammer

A wall-mounted mobile phone WiFi signal blocker is a powerful device for jamming cell phone signals. Unlike traditional signal jammers that use a single antenna with a low gain, this wall-mounted device uses multiple high-gain antennas to block cellular and WiFi signals in a 50-meter radius. The jammer can be placed in a room or an office to prevent people from receiving cell phone calls or receiving text messages.

The design of a wall-mounted mobile phone WiFi signal blocker is usually in the form of a small, hidden cardboard pod. They’re great for private offices, small seminar halls, or classrooms. Some signal blockers are also portable and can be stored in a backpack or handbag, which makes them convenient for smuggling. You can use them to protect your home from burglary and identity theft.

GPS jammer

A GPS jammer is a device that blocks or obscures the signals from a GPS or wifi-enabled device. GPS units emit signals in frequency bands between five and ten gigahertz, and a GPS jammer will hide or obscure the signal of a GPS unit within this range. This jammer is illegal in most countries, but it can be useful if you want to block Wi-Fi enabled devices from connecting to the internet. It can also prevent the device from determining its location during an emergency.

This device is compatible with most cell phone models, and it works in most frequencies of the global network. It is most suitable for meeting room applications and has a range of up to forty meters. It can be controlled remotely and can operate continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a good choice for people concerned about privacy, and it also blocks GPS signals, as well as WiFi signal. These jammers can also be used to block other wireless signals, such as those from a WiFi or GPS device.

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