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Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

If you’re a runner with flat feet, then you know how important it is to find the best running shoes for flat feet for your foot type. You need to pick a pair of running shoes that will not only support your feet, but also prevent injury like shin splints or knee pain.

Podiatrists recommend stability shoes for flat-footed runners, as these shoes are designed to prevent overpronation. Overpronation is a condition where the foot rolls in excessively from heel strike to toe off, which can cause many problems like shin splints and Achilles tendonitis.

Stability shoes are built with a multi-density midsole that provides the proper support to counteract the tendency of your feet to roll inward excessively, says Dr. Kimberly Davis of the RunLab in Austin, Texas.

For runners with flat feet, it’s essential to pick a shoe that’s comfortable and lightweight. Lightweight shoes aren’t always the most supportive, so you need to make sure that the shoes you buy are going to be able to keep up with your training.

This is especially true if you’re a heavy runner or are planning to run for long periods of time. A heavier runner is more likely to experience injuries like shin splints, so it’s essential to choose a shoe that’s designed for durability and weight.

Brooks Ghost 14
Runners who have moderate to sever flat feet and no associated overpronation issues should consider the Ghost 14. This shoe offers maximum cushioning, motion control, and stability without overpowering you or the rest of the shoe.

It also features a breathable, synthetic upper that hugs the foot and helps with stability. The heel is particularly supportive, with a CMEVA J-Frame that offers firm stability for your foot’s natural movement pattern.

The Ghost 14’s blown rubber outsole will stand up to many miles of road running, and the padded upper will keep your feet comfortable and supported.

Gel Kayano 28
Asics’ Gel-Kayano line is one of the friendliest for flat-footed runners, as it includes a medial post in its midsole. This design, which encourages the foot to roll slightly outward rather than down and inward, is a classic stability approach that’s still effective today.

Saucony’s Ride 15 is a favorite for neutral runners and those who want a little extra comfort in their running shoes. Its PWRrun foam is extremely responsive, and it even has a TPU guidance frame that helps to smooth out the heel-to-toe transition for those with flat feet and overpronation.

New Balance’s 860v12 is another great choice for a stability shoe. It has all the features to help you find balance, plus Fresh Foam X cushioning that delivers smooth support and energy return throughout the entire run.

Asics’s Gel Kayano line is one of the friendliest and most reliable for flat-footed runners, as they include a medial post in their midsole. This design, which encourages your foot to roll slightly outward rather than down, is a classic stability approach that’s even more effective now than it was before.

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