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Sheds With Lofts

Sheds with lofts offer space-saving storage solutions that help keep your shed neat and organized.

Whether you have a gable roof, gambrel or saltbox shed with a truss in your backyard, adding a shed loft to the top of it can make a huge difference in your overall storage capacity.

sheds with lofts  are a great way to store a variety of items that you may not have the room for on the ground level. These can include seasonal items, things you don’t use often and even souvenirs that you want to keep in a safe place.

The size of a loft is a big factor in the amount of storage that you can get out of it. It should be large enough to accommodate your items without compromising the floor area below it.

A stair or a fixed ladder are both good options for accessing the loft of your shed. However, a drop down loft ladder is not recommended because it will obstruct your view from the bottom of your shed.

Some loft designs will have a hatch at one end that maximizes the usable floor space of the loft. It can be a great place to hangout or play games with friends!

Sheds with lofts are a wonderful addition to your backyard. They are affordable and convenient to own, and they can be easily customized with many add-ons that will maximize the function of your shed.

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