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Become a Denton Mechanic

Getting Started
If you’re ready to become an entry-level Mechanic Denton, you can find a great opportunity with Firestone Complete Auto Care. You’ll have access to healthcare benefits, a paid medical maternity leave, an apprentice kit, and more.

The Job
When you’re an entry-level mechanic at Firestone Complete Auto Care, you’ll be able to learn all about the cars and trucks that we service. You’ll also have a chance to take on a variety of projects, including replacing brakes, belts, starters, and alternators.

Training to Become an Aircraft Mechanic in Denton, TX
In order to be an aircraft mechanic in Denton, Texas, you’ll need to get training at a Denton, Texas, aviation maintenance technician school. Upon graduation, you’ll earn your FAA A&P license with either an airframe or power plant certificate. Most aviation mechanics near Denton, Texas, earn both.

Certification Requirements for an Aviation Mechanic in Denton, TX
A&P mechanics in Denton, Texas, have to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They can get either an airframe or powerplant certificate, but most aviation mechanics in Denton, Texas, have both.

Become an Avionics Mechanic in Denton, TX
Avionics technicians in Denton, Texas, work on the radios, instruments, navigation, weather, and traffic systems that control the flight of an airplane or helicopter. They can get their avionics certification by attending an accredited avionics mechanic school in Denton, TX or they can receive avionics training in the military or from an avionics manufacturer.

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