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Types of Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings provide a layer of protection to concrete surfaces and extend the life of your investment by minimizing damage. They also can help reduce wear, prevent water damage and stem the growth of mold and mildew.

Types of Concrete Coatings

There are a variety of options for concrete floor coatings, but the most common materials used are epoxy, polyurea, acrylic and urethane. Each has its own benefits and limitations.


Generally considered the most durable of all concrete coatings, epoxy provides a damage-resistant surface that endures lasting wear and stains from chemicals, grease, tire marks, and more. It is also one of the most versatile and design-friendly coatings available.


A type of elastomer, polyurea is a more durable and decorative option than epoxy. It is a self-priming, single-coat system that provides a damage-resistant surface that resists stains and weather, as well as chemical, abrasion and UV damage. It is ideal for interior floors, such as garages and basements.

Polyurea concrete coatings come in a wide variety of colors and sheens and can be decorated with decorative chips for a unique look. Some contractors even offer metallic epoxy coatings that mimic marble and quartz finishes for a modern, eye-catching appeal.

When choosing a concrete coating, consider your protection needs, aesthetic goals and budget. Then review the spec sheets of the manufacturers to find the product that best meets those criteria.

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