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Leaking Taps Midrand

Leaking Taps Midrand A leaking tap can be a major annoyance especially when you have to deal with it every day and the annoying sound of the water dripping not to mention a high water bill at the end of the month. Why endure it when you can easily call in our expert plumbers at Midrand West in the broad Midrand area who will repair any kind of leaking pipe in a professional manner with upmarket tools and replacement parts?

The leaking Tap Washer
A damaged or worn out tap washer is the reason behind your dripping taps. These washers are usually a simple and easy fix and are generally available from most regional hardware stores.

The best way to find the washer is by unscrewing the cap on top of the tap handle and looking inside for a small grub screw underneath the hot or cold indicator button. In some cases this can be done with a slot-headed screwdriver and in other instances it may require the help of an adjustable spanner or spanners.

If the dripping is still there after you have uninstalled the washer, it is probably a more serious problem and will need to be fixed by a plumbing professional. You should also turn off the water meter and inspect for any leaks before repairing your taps.

Blocked Drains Midrand
Many homeowners try to unblock their drains by using chemical drain cleaners and other store-bought products which are harsh on the pipes and can actually damage them if used incorrectly. It is always better to get a professional to help you as they will be able to use the correct products and avoid damaging your pipes.

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